Safety, Environment & Communities

EREVNA commits to practice a responsible drilling.

Responsability to our customers

We offer a high quality service in compliance with international standards and with deadlines.

Responsibility to our employees

We make sure they are working in safe conditions by strictly applying the procedures in line with Health and Safety standards. We offer our employees real career opportunities, allowing them to build a life project.

Responsibility to local communities and their environment

We respect all current international standards.

But we do not content ourselves with minimizing health and safety risks and limiting the negative impact on the local communities and their environment. We want that impact to be positive.
That is why we sponsor each year several projects and associations involved in human development actions benefiting these communities.

Our Goals

The main strategic lines of our quality approach

  • Comply with “Health, Safety, Environment & Communities” international standards
  • ensure the implementation of this policy
  • improve our HSEC performance each year
  • fulfill our legal obligations
  • ensure all employees and subcontractors understand and fulfill their HSEC obligations
  • prevent occupational accidents and diseases
  • Minimize our impact on the environment
  • Establish good relationships with the communities
  • Cancel or otherwise reduce HSEC issues we may encounter on the basis of risks assessment and identifications of improvement opportunities
  • Put in place an audit program
  • Earn OHSAS 18008 or AS/NZS 4801 certification for our HSEC Management System
  • Meet our customers’ requirements

Our latest actions

support our local communities

2013 Actions

  • Funding assistance to a medical caravan for the « Association Sportive et Cutlurelle des Ressortissants du Guidimakha » (ASCRG).
  • Grant to the association AMI (« Aide aux Malades Indigents »),

2012 Actions

  • Grant to the « Association Sportive Artistique et Culturelle de la Concorde » which includes two teams in the Mauritanian football and basketball first league.
  • Grant to the association AMI (« Aide aux Malades Indigents »),

2011 Actions

Sponsorship for the « Association Sportive et Culturelle des Ressortissants du GUIDIMAKHA » :

  • Festivities to preserve the local culture
  • Football tournament consisted of 32 teams

Our HSEC Actions

In order to reach our goals, we concentrate our efforts on the following points


  • To implement good quality systems that are simple in order to improve the effectiveness and cost benefits of all employees and contractors.
  • To implement a purchase system that takes into account specifications that meet internationals standards in order to reduce risks and to prolong machines and equipments efficiency.
  • To document all workplace associated risks in order to implement control measures and to follow their efficiency.

Health and Hygiene

  • To put in place a medical check up program for all employees that are performing high risk activities in order to determine their fitness to work and in order to define a medical status to be able to compare in case of Occupational Disease.
  • To put in place a yearly and systematic medical monitoring program for all employees that are performing high risk activities in order to quickly find any Occupational Health issue.


  • To reduce the driving and drilling operations risks.
  • To put in place a simple and efficient working tool which will enable employees to assess the risks before each activity.
  • To insist on trainings of all employees and contractors on Operational Procedures.
  • To require from all employees and contractors to comply with the systems.


  • To minimize our impact on the environment.


  • To promote respectful and united inter-professional and intercultural relationships.
  • To avoid harming local communities by the presence of the machines (noise, pollution) and the people (not being respectful…)
  • To promote a good relationship with the communities in order to avoid complaints and juridical issues and thereby contributing to facilitate our customers activities.
  • To try as far as possible to help communities in sustainable development.