Who are we ?

EREVNA was created in 2010 by highly qualified professionals determined to build a company true to their demanding vision of the drilling industry. Their strategy is ambitious: to develop a reliable, flexible and responsive drilling company in West Africa, offering state of the art drilling techniques and equipments to mining companies while contributing to human development.

Our goal is to be reactive, therefore:

we have chosen to develop self-sufficient, modular drilling teams driven by a synergy allowing a personalized sizing according to our customers’ needs.

Our goal is to provide the state of the art drilling services, therefore:

we went looking for expertise in countries known for their mining experience. Our team leaders are seasoned professionals from Australia and Chili.

In the same spirit, we have equipped our teams with the most advanced equipments, known world-wilde for its reliability and complying to all international safety standards.

Our goal is to provide an incident free workplace, therefore:

we have implemented a suitable HSEC Management System and regularly invest in our employees' awareness and training in order to make sure that safety at work is a priority and an integral part of operations.

Our goal is to contribute to sustainable development, therefore:

We have laid down strict rules on environmental protection at all our operations sites.


We keep investing in training and mutual skills transfers between the drilling experts and the local field conditions experts.


We support several cultural, sports and mutual aids associations in their human development projects.


We do not just drill, we support our customers in their exploration challenges by offering a unique combination of safety, efficiency, expertise and flexibility. We help the local people by providing them with jobs that pay good wages and with training opportunities and we also help them by respecting the environment in which they live.

Aboubacar SoumaréGeneral Manager

An experienced multicultural team

Combining international expertise and local skills, our employees are:

  •   Mauritanian
  •   Australian
  •   Chilian
  •   French

RC drilling packages

Each workshop consists of:

  • 1 drill SCHRAMM
  • 1 truck
  • 1 booster compressor
  • 2 4X4 vehicles